Monday, March 27, 2017


By way of introduction...(it seems like I already wrote this somewhere before - maybe here), but, in case I only thought I wrote it...

Many friends have told me I should write about my life, that it isn't "normal" whatever
that is. Maybe they're right, maybe they aren't. This may very well be the forum that will let me know if they are right. Some of the stories will be true, as much as any can be when they are spun from the threads of memory and others may be more made up than real...does it matter which is which? Probably only to those who may have been involved. As I have seen on countless movies, TV shows and books...all names will be changed to protect the innocent which inevitably also protects the guilty. I've been waiting over 35 years to make that statement. :)

As you read these posts, please remember that I am not a writer, so please be gentle with your criticism. I write the way I talk, only I try to use more punctuation when I write. Often though, the punctuation is put in where I would normally pause in speaking. I hope it's at least enjoyable to follow along and relatively well written.

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