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Over eleven years ago I spent nearly a month having a visitor every night after I'd gone to sleep. It felt as if I was falling asleep and immediately being met by a beautiful little girl with dark golden curls and grey eyes who
called me "grandma". She was such a lively little thing, full of energy and excitement. She would grab my hand and in her highly melodic voice say, "C'mon Grandma, let's go!"

We ran through fields of the most beautiful flowers imaginable. They came in more colors than I've ever seen. The flowers were so magically amazing and the colors so phenomenal that the appearance of them actually came with song. The air was light, golden and the perfect temperature. It was an amazing place to dream about. She talked, almost non-stop, and she was so enthusiastic it was quite overwhelming.

Night after night, she came and kept me running around and playing all night long. I woke up more and more exhausted every day.  I'd go to bed earlier and she would still come, she asked  questions ,




She told me she was so excited to be coming into our family. She was the most excited about having real, human skin so she could touch us and feel what that was like. She said she'd been told we were warm, and she wanted to know what warm felt like with skin. She wanted to know what a human hug really felt like and if it was as wonderful as it looked like it was.

After almost a month, I finally told her--no, it was more like I begged her to leave me alone, at least for awhile. I was human. I was tired. I needed sleep even though she didn't. I told her I loved her, but I needed to sleep to stay healthy. She was very gracious and said, "okay". She asked if I would do something for her and I said, "Yes." She said, "Tell my parents my name is Celeste. Will  you tell them that for me please?" I told her I would. That was on the third Thursday of January.

I slept through the entire night Friday night. On Saturday morning, my first thought was that Celeste hadn't come in the night. I was grateful, but as the week went on, I realized how much I missed that bright-eyed little girl who was so full of love, energy and excitement. I missed her.

Then, I got a call in the night from our middle son, who said he and his wife were on the way to the hospital to have their first child. We were expecting a boy, but his wife was a twin and they didn't know about her until they were in the delivery room. It seems she was up under her mother's ribcage the entire pregnancy and the tests and ultrasound missed her presence. I told him that if there turned out to be two babies, the second one would be a girl and her name was Celeste. He humored me, but I don't know what he was actually thinking.

Well, they had their little boy, he was healthy and beautiful, but he wasn't Celeste and there wasn't a second baby. I hadn't really expected there to be. But that dream was still so vivid in my mind. I could still hear her voice and still see her smile. For that matter, I could still see the field of musical flowers.
Months passed by and I thought it odd that I still missed this little girl but no matter what, I couldn't forget the dreams, nor could I make myself have them again. Odd. Then, toward the end of April, our oldest son's wife came over to pick up their son (whom I was watching) and told me she was pregnant. Oh how cool! We chatted like magpies about a new baby on the way. I asked her f she knew what her due-date would be and she told me it was in October. She laughed and said that with Kevin in the house, it was a miracle they were able to make a baby at all. Then she said there were only two possible times that month and guess what!!! That first date was on the Friday that I slept all night for the first time in months. As we looked at the calendar and she pointed out that Friday following the third Thursday, the Thursday I'd put a purple "X" hit me like a ton of bricks and it was then that I knew she was carrying Celeste.

I told her about that recurring dream and that she was the one carrying Celeste into this world. I knew it like I have known very little in my life and with a certainty I've rarely experienced. From that day on, even though my DIL (Daughter-In-Law) kept telling me to stop because I was going to jinx it, I bought only girl things for that baby. I knew it was a girl with every fiber of my being. And I knew she was Celeste.

I got to be in the delivery room when my first granddaughter was born. I got to hold her right after her daddy did while the doctors were still working on her mom. As my DIL was finally able to somewhat sit up and was trying to replenish her fluid levels she asked me to tell her that story about the little girl in my dreams again.

As I relayed the story to her and my son, when I said the word "Celeste" that minutes old baby turned her head and looked straight into my eyes and I think she smiled. My DIL exclaimed, "Wow! Did you see that? Turn her away again and say that name again!" I did, and again, the same response. That minutes old baby totally responded to the name Celeste.

Sadly, even though we all believe she is the Celeste of my dreams (premonition) her mom named her something else. When this granddaughter was in fourth grade she told me one day that she wished her name was something else because there were three other girls in her class with the same name. I asked her what name she would like and she said........"Sally"! Hah! Were you thinking Celeste too? I was shocked when she said 'Sally'!!! I asked her why that name and she said because there weren't any kids in her school named Sally. I asked her about Celeste, but she replied that even though it was a pretty name, it wasn't a name she wanted.

So...there you have it....story number one. It's as accurate as I can make it. I don't know what to make of it. I think it's rather interesting that after almost a dozen years I can still remember it so clearly. It's a coin toss whether I'll remember anything with any accuracy from last week...but 12 years ago I clearly remember this. This first story is a true story. I don't know when or where I will begin writing things that may not be historically true, but at least you will know that this first one is.

Another point which came to me between writing this and proof reading it a couple of days later....I've never been against abortion, and I still believe it needs to be legal, but I have always known that I could never have one. With that said, if this "dream" was, indeed, a premonition, then that would mean that Celeste entered her human body immediately upon conception and may have been in some 'stand-by' mode prior to that. Just something to consider for whatever it brings to you.


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