Monday, March 27, 2017

Bathroom Blues

(Copied from my earlier post on WordPress)
Every now and then I read something so well written that I am ashamed of myself for not having
written it. The woman who wrote the article I will link to is one of those, as is the man who introduces her article. She nails my thoughts on this whole transgender/bathroom freak-out that far too many American's are embroiled in at the time.

I've actually lost friends over this debate, if you can call it that. And I can honestly say that I don't miss them, they weren't the kind of people I truly want as friends.

Let me tell you, as a massage therapist, I have heard things beyond my scope of practice that shocked me at one time. There was a point in time when I cried and was depressed for days when I figured out just how many children are sexually molested, and believe me when I tell you it is A LOT!!!! From my experience, I would hazard a guess that 4 of every five people have been molested. Sound like a lot? It's probably a number even higher than that.

Little girls are forced into sexual acts by their neighbor, their big brother, their weird uncle, their favorite uncle, their mom's new boyfriend, their step-dad, and their birth dad...just to name a few...and you think your sons are safe? Not so...that cute little 16-year-old girl down the street who you hired because she babysits for many people in the neighborhood and comes with good references? Yeah, she's teaching your five-year-old son how to not only have foreplay but how to use his penis to penetrate her, and even though he might not be capable of ejaculating semen, he's capable of a hard on, and that, along with his tongue, is all she needs to get off!

I hope you are as shocked as I was. I've asked why they didn't tell their moms and they said because it felt good and they had a special bond with a cute older woman and they thought it was cool. They were the lucky ones, the ones who weren't raped and sodomized by their priest, or their weird uncle or their favorite uncle or their best friend's big brother or cousin or dad. These are the kids who weren't gang raped under the bleachers or in the gym or the restroom by older kids at school or elsewhere...there is an ugly reality in this country that very few people talk about at all, much less openly and with honesty.
Yeah, folks. A transgendered person peeing in the cubicle next to yours is hardly the person you need to be afraid of, it's not even the person most likely to harm your child, your mom, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife...the person most likely to harm them is someone they know, someone they've seen before, someone they relatively trust. There are many weirdos out there and most of them look completely normal, they look just like you, or me.

As long as you are willing to laugh with the guys when they cat-call a woman, or laugh at the joke the guys tell you that makes some slur against a woman, or in any other way condone the slanderous talk about, or treatment/mistreatment of, women...then you are, in essence, treating men like they can do no wrong and treating women like second class citizens. The horrors perpetrated against women and girls will continue and you still won't need to worry too much about who is in the stall next to you, peeing. Now, if the person in the stall is standing on the toilet looking over the partition at worried, if they are actively crawling under the door to join you, be afraid.

But as a woman well over 50, let me tell you I have never been afraid in the bathroom...the parking lot, the hallway, the elevator, the stairwell...yes...all those places. But not the bathroom, and I can only figure those who are calling this a huge problem evidently don't understand transgender...transgendered individuals who will feel more comfortable in the lady's room, won't look like Hulk Hogan, they will look like a woman, whether she has a slight 5 o'clock shadow, or an Adam's apple, hairy arms, etc., she will still look like a woman. And the trans woman who will walk into the men's room will be looking like a man, not a woman. These people just want to use the restroom without incident and the only way to tell who they are is to do a genital check before allowing anyone into the restroom. The first time someone tries that with me, they will be seeking medical attention.

Let's face it...Hulk Hogan doesn't belong in the stall next to me in the ladies room, but neither does Chas Bono, and it's really that simple.

So...please, read the full article this link will take you to. Read it carefully, for your sake, my sake and the sake of all those you love. This article is powerful and needs to be read by everyone over the age of 16.


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