Monday, March 27, 2017

Prince...a farewell.

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I never met the man, never attended a live performance, and yet... even so.... there is a deep sadness in my heart at his passing. This surprises me a little. Why would I feel so sad, and
actually, why would I be in a state of actual mourning at his loss when I didn't know him?

We expect to feel grief when we lose loved ones, but not strangers. Is this an odd phenomenon or is it fairly normal? The many favorite actors, actresses, authors, painters and others who have passed during my life didn't affect me the way some of the musicians have. The loss is greater for me with several of the musicians. The sadness more profound.

Then the thought hit me that...during all of the most emotional times of my life, through great joy, sadness, etc. those moments have all had a soundtrack behind them that met a need within my psyche that nothing visual filled. It's the sound. Whether it is soft and sad or wild and tempestuous, sound, and more to the point, music becomes the soundtrack to our emotions which are tied to different aspects of our human experience. These songs become a part of us, and we can't help but feel a connection to the person who wrote/performed them. All artist's put a part of themselves into their creation which is why we perceive an understanding of those whose works we resonate with. That resonance could very well be a link that we are unaware of for the most part.

So...Prince, because of your music, no matter who performed it - and the way I received it, I miss you. I am profoundly sad and believe that will probably pervade my being for awhile. You were a brilliant human with a remarkable talent. I hope you are playing on with your particular genius in some other dimension. This world will be a different place without you in it. Rest In Peace.

I am, forever, a humble fan.

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